Fighting together for the same cause

Forum 50% hosted Joint Staff Training in Prague for colleagues from Poland, Finland and Ireland from February 27th to March 3rd 2017. We prepared a diverse programme including a discussion with CEO Rostya Gordon-Smith, discussions with several leaders of current feminist initiatives in the Czech Republic, a seminar about campaigns of Independent Social Ecological Movement NESEHNUTÍ and a workshop on how to understand and deal with master suppression techniques.


Rostya Gordon-Smith, who has worked in the field of personal and professional development all around the world (in countries such UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Brazil, Russia, Estonia, India etc.), shared with us her experience with women´s empowerment and talked about barriers she faced in male dominated leadership positions. She also presented the association MINERVA 21 that is founded on three key values – confidence, collaboration and influence.

The GEPLE team discussed gender equality and activism with representatives of new feminist initiatives in the Czech Republic, that tackle topics such as violence against women, gender stereotypes in society, invisible role of women in the Czech history or lack of women in politics.  We also had a great chance to hear about campaign of NGO NESEHNUTÍ Sexist Piggy contest that is focused on awareness raising when it comes to sexist commercials or about campaign of Konsent When she says NO, it means NO that challenges stereotypical statements about sexual violence. Last but not least Monika Horáková from the board of Green Party introduced political work-life balance measures.

Besides sharing experience about women´s empowerment in leadership positions, participants at the Joint Staff Training discussed common concerns when it comes to backlash and the rise of conservative forces in Europe. We agreed that our commitment and work towards gender equality is now more necessary than ever. We are ready to continue the common fight for women´s rights!

Markéta Mottlová
Forum 50%, Czech Republic

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