Conference on Cracow – summing up GEPLE project and disseminating results


GEPLE project multiplier conference in Cracow has been the main multiplier event that helped to sum up and disseminate project results and intellectual outputs. It lasted one day, 9.00 – 17.00. with the evening events and consisted of panels, presentations, discussions, dissemination of intellectual outputs, European organizations Fair / from Poland, Finland, Czechia/.  Guests invited to the event came from different social, political, educational circles, but they all were interested in gender education and women empowerment in local, national and European politics. Representatives of each Partner organization /except Ireland/ were present at the conference giving a speech/lecture and presenting significant outputs of the project and their national point of view. The conference was as well the tool of influencing general public, media and policy makers in Poland and other countries that new GEPLE education should become a part of regular educational programmes/curricula  and deserve important notice and attention from relevant institutions and European agencies. It was important fact that the conference has been hosted by City Council of Cracow with the presence of the local authorities from City Council. Along with conference there was performed mobile exhibition of the handcraft in the topic of women empowerment and civic activism, and participants has been invited to take part in contemporary engaged handcrafting. Total number of participants: 121. Number of participants from partner organizations: 14. The participants came from different organizations/institutions or they were not affiliated at all.The conference has been livestreamed via FACEBOOK, so as large public could get to know the content of the event. The video livestreaming materials is now accessible through electronic E-platform as educational material about women in politics and on the Geple Fan Page and Fan Pages of the partners.



9:00–9:30 Opening of the conference: Representative of the Krakow City Council: Magdalena Furdzik, Coordinator of the GEPLE project: Monika Sobańska, Active Women Association, Sosnowiec – coordinator presented the idea of the partnership project, project results and intellectual outputs worked out during the project. 9:30–9:50 Keynote speaker: dr Magdalena Grabowska (PAN) “Gender and politics: Women in Polish local government policy 1991-2016” – methodology of feminist research.

9:50–10:10 Coffee break

10:10–11:30 Plenary session: “Women’s political engagement: contemporary challenges”, moderation by Weronika Śmigielska, panellists: Kinga Karp (Obóz dla Puszczy), Aneta Bilnicka (Stefa Wenus z Milo), Lana Dadu (Czarny Protest/Black Protest), Ramiesa Mahti (representative of the Finnish local government), Anna Mazurczak (Office of the Ombudsman)

11:30–11:50 Coffee break

11:50–13:20 Plenary session “Women in parties. Mechanisms to support women in political parties”, moderation Ewa Stoecker, representatives of political parties: Elżbieta Jachlewska (Inicjatywa Feministyczna), Anna Jungner-Nordgren (Swedish People’s Party of Finland),

Ewa Lieder (Nowoczesna), Justyna Samolińska (Razem), Ada Smętek (Partia Zieloni), Halina Sobańska (SLD).

13:20–14:20 Lunch break

14:20–16:20 Workshops sessions

Workshop 1: „Good practices – what works in supporting women’s political activity in the Czech Republic, Finland, Ireland and Poland?” moderation: Marketa Mottlova

(workshop in English, with translation into Polish) – guests were talking about what results the GEPLe project brought about in their organizations and invited the public to make use of the Geple E-platform / IO2, IO3, IO4/. Speakers shared the results of Geple research / IO1/.

Workshop 2: „Economics is political: how can we build women-friendly space with gender budgeting?” moderation: dr Zofia Łapniewska (workshop in Polish)

Workshop 3: „How to become a politician? Do it yourself!” moderation: Weronika Śmigielska and Joanna Grzymała-Moszczyńska (workshop in Polish)

16:20–17:00 Closing the conference: dr Marta Rawłuszko (FemFund) “Feminist Fund – how does it work? Supporting feminist activism”.

17.00 Summary of the conference, warm invitation from the organizers to make use of Geple electronic E-platform / with IOs and invitation to the evening events.

GEPLe educational platform to enhance women leadership education worldwide

We are very happy to launch GEPLE educational platform as a result of Geple project cooperation among educational organizations from Ireland, Poland, Finland, Czechia and USA within Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project. This toolkit is an online catalogue you can browse through freely or even contribute to! Here you can find many useful tools for learning and training activities supporting women leadership and gender equality in public life.

The Toolkit aspires to be learning community for gender equality trainers, experts, activists, educational and civic organizations in order to share, debate and increase the quality of educational methods in their daily work in favour of women’s empowerment.

Join our network for women leadership reinforcement and contribute to the collection! Browse freely in the toolkit and use this online resource – no need to log in. To contribute as a trainer, educator, author of the educational tools, please log in.

All the edu-content is available upon Creative Commons licence, which means that one may use is for free for non-commercial purposes, giving credits to the authors of the method/tool.

GEPLe electronic platform has been co-financed by Erasmus+ Program from European Union.