GEPLe educational platform to enhance women leadership education worldwide

We are very happy to launch GEPLE educational platform as a result of Geple project cooperation among educational organizations from Ireland, Poland, Finland, Czechia and USA within Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project. This toolkit is an online catalogue you can browse through freely or even contribute to! Here you can find many useful tools for learning and training activities supporting women leadership and gender equality in public life.

The Toolkit aspires to be learning community for gender equality trainers, experts, activists, educational and civic organizations in order to share, debate and increase the quality of educational methods in their daily work in favour of women’s empowerment.

Join our network for women leadership reinforcement and contribute to the collection! Browse freely in the toolkit and use this online resource – no need to log in. To contribute as a trainer, educator, author of the educational tools, please log in.

All the edu-content is available upon Creative Commons licence, which means that one may use is for free for non-commercial purposes, giving credits to the authors of the method/tool.

GEPLe electronic platform has been co-financed by Erasmus+ Program from European Union.


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